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Fernandez & Riera Vacation Houses

Corsica, France
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The first order for this house came from friends of the architect who wanted to build a prefabricated house from a catalog. In response, Simounet took up the challenge of presenting them with a project with the same surface area (around 50 m2) and price. It was necessary to combine intimacy and conviviality, to take into account common meals and isolation for the nap. In addition to the climatic constraints and the functional aspects of this isolated holiday habitat, a reflection on the geography of the Corsican coast has been added. For this temporary home, comfort had to be elementary and maintenance reduced. Minimal, the outline of the project - having also departed from the two-pitched roof covered with canal tiles - did not facilitate obtaining the building permit. The totality of the construction and its fittings cost 30,000 new francs at the time (or around 30,000 euros today).

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bostjan, February 18th, 2021
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