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Form Allows Actions

Nantes, France
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© Thomas Lang

FORM ALLOWS ACTIONSa building adapted to its environment & adaptable by its inhabitants

ENHANCEMENT OF THE SITEThe building is locatedon the Island of Nantes, adjoining the blockhouse and a suburban building.The two main facades of the building have different architectural features. On the street the facade is regular and woven. It takes up the composition of its neighbor in the suburbs, to participate in the formation of clear public space. On the side of the large site, balconies with taut shapes jut out towards the void.

LARGE BALCONIESThe balconies react to their near and far environment. On the lower floors, the curves envelop the corollas of the trees planted on the terrace. In height, the balcony lines stretch towards the sky to embrace the great void of the square and the Loire landscape. The shapes of the balconies give off a multitude of views between them and with the adjacent streets. Their portion is based on the lines marking the levels of nearby buildings.

PROGRESSIVE APARTMENTSResilience consists of adapting to shocks or changes, it translates into architecture with the ability to maintain, adapt, transform and rehabilitate. These ideas are incorporated into the fundamental elements of the design. From a pragmatic point of view, It is about considering all the possible arrangements that architectural space could have. We thus update Louis Sullivan's formula: Form Allows Actions.

The apartments are organized with a Parents / Children principle instead of the usual Day / Night breakdown. One can thus make evolve, by means of a few doors and partitions, his apartment as the evolution of the family life to accommodate a young adult, a liberal activity or a roommate.

FORMS ALLOWS ACTIONS IS = a socially resilient project that adapts to changes in the life of its habitatns with low construction costs.

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parcarchitectes, November 17th, 2020
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