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Apartment Building of Leonas Markovičius

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Evaldas Vilkončius

The corner-plan, three-story apartment building was designed and built in 1927 by construction contractor and technician Leonas Markovicius. It is an ornate building with features of baroque and classicism styles, perfectly reflecting the conservatism that prevailed in the architecture of Kaunas in the 1920s. The exterior of the building emphasizes horizontality, which is determined by the different compositions of each floor and upper part. The exterior of the first floor is distinguished by dark colored plaster, horizontal decorative lines dividing the walls and segmental vertical windows. The main entrance, located on Vienybes Square, is distinguished by pilasters and a segmental arch. The exterior of the second floor is light in color and is divided by arched and rectangular windows. Meanwhile, the third floor has vertical windows with ornate pilasters between them. The upper part of the building is completed by wavy pediments and cornice. The exterior is complemented by four massive balconies with balustrades, and the corner part is distinguished by a semicircular bay window with a dome. Two apartments were planned on each floor of the building, one of which was occupied by its owner.

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