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Accessible Apartments Estate

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Žilvinas Rinkšelis, 2021.Source: https://modernizmasateiciai.lt/pigiu-butu-kolonija/

in 1932 in the second half, it was decided to build the first modern brick three-story mass housing estate. The construction of a colony of cheap apartments in 1933 became a grandiose ambition of the Kaunas City Municipality to solve the housing problem for low-class residents. The building was designed by the city architect - Stasys Kudokas. According to the project, two identical V-shaped buildings forming a closed courtyard were also included. The project sustained one-room apartments with a kitchen, and common and public facilities - a gymnastic hall and kindergarten.

However, it was decided to build only one of the buildings in the first phase. As the construction neared its end, the municipality's plans changed: the ideas of the colony turned into government offices when it was decided to house various city healthcare institutions in the building, and to rent out part of the premises.

It was the largest completed residential building project in the interwar period, so even though it has lost its original functional purpose, it remains an outstanding example of the Lithuanian school of architecture.

The building went through several more conversions after the war and during the years of Independence. Nowadays, the building has been adapted to the Business Incubator of the Kaunas University of Technology.

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