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A. Mickevičius G. 17

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By Huriye Armağan Doğan, 2018

In the first half of the 1930s, A. Mickevicius Street was home to three sewing shops. Two of these shops were not only preparing custom-made clothing, but they were also selling ready-to-wear clothes. The other sewing shop was a hat shop located on then number 20. The building on number 17 was built in 1918. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about this structure regarding its architects and its owner; however, it is one of the eye-catching buildings on the street. The building has a semi-basement/ ground floor and three regular floors. It has a symmetrical facade with the main emphasis on the central axis. In this axis, there is the main entrance, the windows which provide natural light to the staircase, and an oval window on top. On top of the oval window, there is a head of a male figure and ornaments which use the language of art deco. There are two pediments at this axis. On the right and left axis of the building, on the ground floor, there are two arched openings. While the one on the left is used as a passageway to the backyard, the one on the right is currently used as a shop. The windows next to the central axis on the ground floor also have an arch with keystones instead of lintels. At the front facade, there are four small balconies, and at the backyard facade, there are facade long balconies on the second and third floors.

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