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George Themistokleous

Nicosia, Cyprus
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Para-sight is a multi-disciplinary design research practice/organization that re-constructs digital and analog visual media assemblages in relation to embodied visual perception and machinic vision. It aims to explore the changing role of the body in time and space after the 'digital turn' and particularly to address how the digital alters established understandings of architectural representations. The conventional understanding of 'vision', based on a purely -human- visual faculty is being increasingly usurped by the expansion of informational technologies, and the ensuing notion of the post-human that arises from cybernetic theories and practices. Para-sight aims to acknolwedge the intrusion of a mediated and post-human construct within the corporeality of sight and undertakes to explore how the 'digital turn' affects the spatio-temporal body. Consequently 'visuality' must be re-defined as that which is reversible, plural and distributed, forming new relations between what we see, what sees us and the unseen that is implicated therein. Para-sight operates within and across various disciplines, aiming to overlay emerging and older formats of visualization. Through the utilization of interactive media installations it becomes possible to construe diverse understandings of image - body - media.

Nicosia, Cyprus