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2009 – 2012



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Goiânia, Goiás

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Project Team: Sérgio Matera, Thaís Velasco, Andrea Key Abe, Taís Lie Okano, Renato Borba and Pamella Porto Kaninski

Competition Team: Laura Paes Barretto Pardo and Liana Paula Perez de Oliveira

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The court building for the city of Goiânia in Brazil was designed in collaboration with Corsi Hirano Arquitetos and Reinaldo Nishimura.

The design appears as a simple geometrical shape, yet the simplicity of form disguises a more complex integration of technology. This building, with its clean pure lines, is an urban milestone for the small Brazilian city.

Design and Technology

The innovative implementation of new materials is a key feature of the court house building. The design utilizes quality construction to create its spaces, integrating unique solutions for lighting and ventilation.

The building is made up of an outer and an inner surface - the outer facade is constructed from double-laminate glass, its major purpose is to protect against the extreme weather conditions in the region. The outer facade was designed for optimal transparency and opacity calculations, in a subtle grey colour.

The inner facade is constructed from aluminium sashes with clear glass panels in a combination of fixed and moving. The double facade provides energy efficiency for the building.


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