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Project timeline

? – 2003


Congress & Exhibition

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Kardán utca 1
9027 Győr

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Audi Forum, Pipacs (eng: Poppy)

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Red Audi Change this

Győr, Hungary
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Designed by the Hungarian 3h architecture, the nickname of Red Audi became shortly poppy because of its vivid red colour.

The multifunctional pavilion in the Győr Audi factory is a bold venture across boundaries. Intended for performances, presentations and celebrations, the building is lent an individual, expressionist—like sculpturality by the vibrant, vivid red of the blank walls, the network of sharply—cut, separating contours and the line of cut-out—like openings.

But the most powerful sculptural effect comes from the double ramp up to the roof showing off the company’s latest models. The declaredly anti—functionalist exterior stands in contrast to the inside of the building in nearly every aspect, a single space offering total flexibility to meet the different functions (conferences, theatre, ballet etc).

The whole interior structure is only there to serve
the movable partitions, the professional lighting system and the plumbing and ventilation systems. It is just a “chassis”, or a “monocoque” on to which the high— tech units, “sub assemblies”, may be fitted.


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