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1902 – 1905



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N. Piatnitskiy,N. Barishnikov


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January 17th, 2013

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Kyiv, Ukraine
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Kyiv funicular serves the city of Kiev, connecting the historic Uppertown, and the lower commercial neighborhood of Podil through the steep hill overseeing the Dnieper River.

The funicular was constructed during 1902-1905 and was opened to the public on 7 May 1905.
The funicular was the project of Arthur Abrahamson, who received professional training on railroad engineering in Zürich, Switzerland and Saint Petersburg, Russia. The station vestibules were designed by N. Piatnitskiy.
The funicular uses the two rail and passing-loop system. The two cars are designated with the Cyrillic letters Λ and П, which stand for left and right. The funicular was renovated three times: in 1928, 1958, and 1984.


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