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Babyn Yar Memorial Landscape

Kiew, Ukraine
1 of 5Milos Kosec

The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Landscape Design proposal was conceived as a site-specific reaction to the disappearance and destruction of almost all traces of the massacres of more than 100.000 Jews and other victims of the Nazi occupation in Kiev in 1941-43. After the 1990 and as a reaction to suppression of memory by the Nazi as well as Soviet authorities more than 30 different monuments were constructed, each commemorating a specific group of victims. Instead of unifying the memory or creating yet another, »more correct« memorial the proposal was designed as a whole new layer of the extensive. The now destroyed ravines and dead bodies burnt and disposed of by the Nazis have been virtually articulated by the 2,650 markers in the form of a forensic grid marking the scene of the covered-up crime. On the markers the only signs engraved are the numbers of the difference in depth to the original level and today's surface, creating a virtual perception device that is both vast and barely noticeable, both virtual and personal. Equal 2nd prize (1st prize not awarded).