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New Buildings of T. Shevchenko University

Kiev, Ukraine
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The housing of the Physics Department.

The initial design of the university campus in Kiev's Teremky neighborhood is associated with the architecture of Japanese metabolism - blocks, different in form and function, are integral elements of a common structure. By linking up with each other they can be expanded as required, forming a complete environment. The implemented part of this project gives only a rough idea of its intended scope. A scheme with a linear parallel development of the area for education and research included the multiplication of university blocks - educational buildings, canteens and accommodation for students on a huge campus. From this perspective, the modern "white buildings" of the university look like only a tiny cell of a future scientific utopia. The original project demonstrates exceptionally the striking gap between the planned scale of science development and its practical implementation in late Soviet society. During the 1990s and 2000s areas which had been set aside for future development were detached and built up by private owners.

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bostjan, February 4th, 2017
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