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International Bauausstellung 1957, Interbau

Project timeline

1957 – 1960


Culture & Entertainment

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Altonaer streetm 18-20-22
10557 Berlin

Current state

Altered (extensions to the original)

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Grips theater

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AG für den Aufbau des Hansaviertels

Hansaviertel Shopping Center Change this

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The building was a shopping center and still, today, a subway entrance for the Hansaviertel neighborhood. Erected on 1957, according to plans by Ernst Zinsser and Hansrudolf Plarre within the framework of the International Building Exhibition Interbau, become on 1974, the house of Grips Theater, a children's and youth theater, which was extended on 1975-1976 by Hansrudolf Plarre and Manfred Frankenberger.

With the northern access to the subway station is a group of buildings, which forms a kind of supply center and contains a cinema, a restaurant, a shop line, a public need institute and a base of the then Bewag (electricity works). The components are grouped around a courtyard; They are connected by a flat roof, which covers the passageways and accesses to the individual components. The roof - it is made of steel and concrete and has a wooden cladding on the bottom - opens in the middle of the plant around the halo. The exterior walls of all buildings are clad with white-glazed ceramic slabs, the flooring consists of concrete slabs.

The southern side of the courtyard is occupied by the subway entrance. To the west is the restaurant with a dining room and a club room. The cinema entrances with the box office were on the east side, the exits lead - on the opposite side - to the Altonaer Straße. The cinema at that time had an area of ​​540 square meters. It was 8 m high.



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