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Pavilion of the German Glass Industry

Berlin, Germany
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In addition to the Hansaviertel buildings, Berlin Interbau (1957) included exhibition halls with measuring stands. The Berlin fairground at Messedamm was used by the Association of Glass Processing Industries. For this customer, Fehling, Gogel, and Pfankuch designed an unusual stand. The steel skeleton of the pavilion was equipped with panels of different glasses to show the wide range of material variations. Two large projecting surfaces covered the pavilion as a view. They stretched obliquely upwards and outwards, their colored glass panels were illuminated. Together with the reflection on the artificial water surface in which the pavilion stood, a picture emerged as well as an expressionist vision of the future.

The open structure of the designers seems to be a self-confident answer to the elegant Glass Pavilion of the Cologne Werkbundausstellung designed by Bruno Taut for a similar purpose on 1914. At the end of the Interbau events, the walkable sculpture was dismantled.