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Monumental Building, Interwar Period

Project timeline

? – 1931



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Sv. Save 14
11000 Belgrade

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Article last edited by Sonja Dragovic on
April 01st, 2019

Command of Gendarmerie Change this

Belgrade, Serbia
by Milica Krstić Change this

Command of Gendarmerie today

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As an example of academism in architecture, in accordance with its purpose and client, this building showed Milica Krstić’s dedication to functionalist approach to design. The complex program was skillfully divided into 2 buildings – the courtyard building, simple in its appearance and intended to house auxiliary facilities, and the Command building, whose academic symmetry allowed a functional distribution of space, in line with its program. The front facade is also treated in accordance with the building’s purpose, and the massive stone decorations clearly represent the power and stability of the institution that was the Gendarmerie of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
Today, this is the building of the Commercial Bank.


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