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Dragoljub Bakić

Belgrade, Serbia
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Dragoljub Bakic at his home

We can not speak of the fruitful creations of Energoprojekt without mentioning the work of architect Dragoljub Bakic, nor the other way around. Dragoljub Bakic spent 44 years as an architect within the company Energoprojekt, of which most years as a team with his wife, architect Ljiljana Bakic. Bakics are authors of some of the most important buildings and urban areas in Belgrade (Pionir Hall, Visnjicka Banja), as well as numerous projects on as many as four continents. Today, the couple lives in their house in Visnjicka Banja, which they designed, and looks forward first and foremost to the successes of their grandchildren in the USA and Poland.

Architecture and Decisions

Dragoljubic Bakić graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade in 1962. Supported by the Energoprojekt Director Milica Steric, in 1970 he specialized at the Alvar Aalto's Bureau in Helsinki. In 1991, he received the MBA - Master of Bossiness Administration at the International Management Institute in Belgrade. After his graduation from the faculty in 1963 he got employed at the company Energoprojekt - Architecture Urbanism, where he was active until his retirement in 2001. In 1970, he started teaming with his wife, Ljiljana Bakic, within the Atelje 5, which they independently ran within the company Energoprojekt. They were authors of numerous projects on the territory of Serbia, Montenegro (at that time Yugoslavia), Kuwait, Zambia, Iraq, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Malaysia, Venezuela and Japan.

Architecture and Devotion

Dragoljub and Ljiljana Bakic are the bearers of many awards for their professional activities; from family houses and residential complexes, through government offices and administrative buildings, sports centers, memorial homes and youth settlements, to congress centers and hotels, all over Europe and Africa. They received four awards of the Belgrade Architecture Salon, in 1974, '76, '78 and 1991, of which the Pionir Hall took the prize at the first Architecture Salon (1974). They received many awards by the Association of Fine and Applied Artists of Serbia. They bear the GREAT PRIZE of ARCHITECTURE for LIFE WORK of the Association of the Architects of Serbia for 1994. For 20 years Dragoljub was president of the Court of Honor of the Association of Architects of Yugoslavia and Serbia. He is a member of the Academy of Architecture of Serbia, the Architects Association of Serbia, the Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe, Honorary Member of the Institute of Architecture of Indonesia, and ULUPUDS.

In the period from 1964 to 1966 he lives and works in Kuwait. Year 1970 he spends in Finland. In 1975 he lives and works in Dubai as the Energoprojekt Director for the UAE area. From 1981-1982 he lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe, as the project manager of Energoprojekt. In 1989, he resides professionally in Jakarta, Indonesia, as the director of Energoprojekt's Southeast Asia, the countries of ASEAN. In the period from 1994-2001 he works as the director of two design companies of Energoprojekt in Harare - Desicon and Bakic Architects.

Architecture and Society

The entire work of Dragoljub Bakic is guided by strong professional ethics and awareness of the social role of architects and architecture. Dragoljub is still active in public life and civic activism, in defense of the architectural profession and of Belgrade from destructive policies and the lack of rule of law.

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Belgrade, Serbia
bostjan, October 29th, 2023
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