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Visnjicka Banja

Belgrade, Serbia
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Visnjicka banja is an urban village in the east of Belgrade, located about six kilometers from the Republic square. It was built as a planned settlement in several stages. The first stage was completed in the mid- sixties years of the 20th century, when it was built the old part of the village near the river. The second phase followed in 1979, when it built the greatest part of the four-story building with 1,054 apartments and houses in a row - the so-called "karington". This whole part of the village is known for the facades of red brick facade. At the time of construction at the end of 1982 broke out a big political scandal because in some ruling circles thought that the settlement was too luxurious, that the apartments are too large for the working class and thus expensive construction wastes money housing.

The project is inspired by the sloped location, but also by their stay in Finland, they created a residential complex with an almost "mountain" character, in warm colors and materials and with expressive sloped roofs. First they designed the urban layout of the project, which consisted of collective and individual housing units, central facilities, a school, two kindergartens and the entire necessary infrastructure. The estate was realized in two stages, and the second stage buildings where designed by Ljiljana herself. The construction area occupies about 50 ha and is designed For 1,610 residential units, for 5,000 inhabitants.

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bostjan, July 20th, 2018
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