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Project Lab, Experimental


2009, Vienna, Austria

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PLOV Architekten ZT GmbH
Schikanedergasse 1/4b
1040 Wien Vienna, Austria

PLOV Architekten Change this

Change thisVienna, Austria
est. 2009, Vienna
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About Change this

PLOV is a project lab and openminded for visions with open vocabulary. It is radically against ornamental botch and certainly against vernacular bungle. The team works on spots and visions, building, piling, timbering, developing, researching and conspiring.

It was founded by Marion Gruber and Christoph Leitner. Marion Gruber (1977, Linz, Austria) received her degree in architecture at the University of Technology in Vienna. During studies she worked there as Research Assistant at the Institute for Theory and Design in architecture. She was employee and project leader in Mecanoo architects [NL], SUE architects [A], KuBA architects [A]. Since 2012 she is spokeswoman of IG- Architektur Vienna. Christoph Leitner (1977, Salzburg, Austria) studied at the Technical University in Vienna, at the University of Technology in Delft and at the „École d´Architecture Paris La Villette UP6“ in Paris. During studies he worked as Research Assistant at the Institute for Spatial Design at TU Vienna.


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