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Wolkite University Ethopia

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The conceptual master plan design for Wolkite university began by understanding the regional, local and university level opportunities that not only can make a great campus but also create leverage in the development of the whole region.

The university is a development initiator for the whole region, as the TOR has mentioned and also as part of the government policy. Focussing on this purpose, a greater university design is needed. One that is not bounded inside the campus, but includes an extensive reading of the region as well (so-called "open campus"). A relationship that is formed at regional and university level could enhance the development of both: the university and the Wolkite and Gubreye town.

During the process, the regional opportunities like Enset plants, Fertile soil and the cultural and social capital of the region become main inputs of the region to the university. The university, on the other hand, could work on the research and development for enhancing these inputs. By creating an open and interacting university with the town, considering the town will grow fastest, the university could share its service and become part of the town centre.

We believe the central aim of the design is in critics of restructuring the current trend of Ethiopian universities. The design creates a regional strategy to create an open, hierarchical and balanced university that not only serves as an institution but also as a development initiator.

In partnership with "Bet Architects"

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sohnepartner, April 3rd, 2018
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