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Kunle Adeyemi

Amsterdam/ Lagos, Netherlands
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Kunle Adeyemi is a Nigerian architect, urbanist and creative researcher. Adeyemi is founder and principal of NLE, an architecture, design and urbanism practice, based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Adeyemi studied at the University of Lagos in Nigeria and Princeton University in New Jersey, the United States. Adeyemi investigated together with Peter Eisenman, the rapid urbanisation and the role of market economies in developing cities of the Global South, focusing on Lagos. Before starting his own office in the Netherlands, he worked nearly a decade at Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA.

Currently runs his own architecture, design and urbanism practice called NLE, located in Amsterdam. NLE means 'at home' in Yoruba. With his office NLE, Adeyemi is interested in elements that make up a city. He focuses especially on the rapidly growing cities in developing countries. He seeks the logic in systems that arise in the rapid development of those cities. He observes and questions the existing systems within these cities, and creates new solutions inspired by his own 'reading' of those systems. Adeyemi is convinced that there is much to learn from the type of condition that is found in rapidly developing, energetic cities, like one of Africa's most populated cities Lagos in Nigeria. NLE offers a strategy advisory service and focuses on city development research, conceptualisation, creative structuring, architectural-, product- and infrastructure design, arts and urban cultural intervention.

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Amsterdam/ Lagos, Netherlands
bostjan, December 14th, 2017
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