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Medical Housing Compound

Khartoum, Sudan
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The Compound is placed beside the Hospital, in the surroundings of the Nile river and it is realized around a great courtyard full of mango trees. It consists of 95 20ft-containers for housing and 7 40ft-containers for the cafeteria. Every lodging is 20 sqm and is realized with one and a half containers; the lodging is composed of a bedroom, bathroom and a small veranda on the court side.

Peculiar care has been dedicated to insulation and energy saving. The containers are insulated with a "layer system". Inside the container 5 cm, insulating panels have been placed. The outside "skin" is realized with a second insulated roof and a bamboo brise-soleil panel system. In this way, the sunrays never hit the containers. This system involves a huge energy saving. Solar panels also supply hot water for the entire compound.

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daniele, August 17th, 2017
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