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Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa (roughly translated this stands Park Residences Alt-Erlaa) was conceived as the largest non-municipal housing development in Austria in the late sixties as part of a new urban development area near the city limits. It also includes the urban housing development "Am Schopfwerk" and the complex "Wiener Flur" in the outskirt of Siebenhirten.

The plans for Alt -Erlaa initially comprised 4200 housing units and were planned by the the consortium GHR (Gluck, Hlaweniczka, Requat, Reinthaller), of which 3181 were built in three phases from 1973 to 1986. The units organized in three main tower blocks (A,B and C) with 23 to 27 floors. The units have an average size of 75 m2 and range from one to five-room apartments. Currently they are occupied by about 9,000 people.

According to the principle "the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people" the 70m high residential towers have a number of features which are rare for a communal housing project. The lower floor apartments until the 12th floor have terrace-like balconies with a small garden. Each apartment above a terraced apartment is set back to allow a maximum of sunlight to the terrace on the level below. This stair-like appearance creates the parabolic shape of the building. The upper floor apartments have much smaller balconies, but they have a nice view on Vienna or the nearby hills and woods. On the rooftops there are seven outdoor swimming pools and saunas. Seven indoor pools are located in the basements. Laid out on a long axis between the blocks there are two kindergartens, a children's day care center, a round gymnasium, 33 leisure clubs, several tennis courts, a church, three schools, a youth center, a multipurpose hall, two medical centers, restaurants and a shopping center. The towers have parking garages with 3,500 places.

A tenants' council represents the interests of residents vis-a-vis the Cooperative. The residence also has its own two monthly newspapers and a television station, a separate information on activities of the condominium. Studies conducted in 1978 and 1999 show an very high level of resident satisfaction, far above average. The 35 different floor plans ranging from 1 - to 5-room apartments with terrace gardens, maisonettes and penthouses. Over the years, vacancy rates were close to naught.

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archibald, September 10th, 2017
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