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Varela House

Madrid, Spain
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The Varela house is a prototype of a small building, built by a system of prefabricated pre-stressed and washed concrete panels; The same technique was used at that moment in works of greater volume and of great complexity of execution, where the architect experimented with the constructive details and solutions in work that applied later in other buildings.

The house was built on the highest part of a sloping plot facing east, and was designed as a pilot house of small dimensions that can accommodate up to 14 beds, and that, despite this capacity, does not produce a feeling of overwhelm In the interior environments.

Taking advantage of the unevenness, the house is located on the upper floor of the building of two heights, in which is distributed an elementary program of living room dining room, four bedrooms plus one service, three bathrooms, kitchen and a gallery open to the Landscape, with clear division of zones and with independent circulations. From a small hall, almost only a windbreaker, you access the living room, the kitchen and, through a folding staircase, to the lower floor. After the main space, with an intermediate strip of wet rooms, the gallery is reached, which serves as a distributor of the bedrooms, bathrooms and the large terrace, which is now closed. Inside, the ceilings and walls are lined with particle board and linoleum floor, creating a homogeneous space envelope supported by the furniture integrated into the architecture. Outwardly, the construction has an anonymous presence that combines concrete with masonry walls on the ground floor. The abstract composition of the elevations is based on the variety of hollows and the organization of volumes, pure and elemental but fragmented to the east and south to shelter two terraces. The deck, with a slight slope in the direction of the slope, is all flush with the walls as it avoids the presence of any eaves.

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bostjan, July 28th, 2017
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