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House for Manuel Lopez

Torrelodones, Spain
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Fernando Higueras was an extraordinary and talented architect with many different approaches towards architecture. His figure was forgotten during the last years of his life within the most orthodox Spanish academic schools due to his heterodoxy facing projects. His recognition started through this house. He developed this project with Antonio Miro at the outskirts of Madrid. Located on a hill, the house separates from the topography through a platform that contains two different volumes. He places all the rooms, the living area and the kitchen in the main pavilion; a second pavilion, closer to the entrance stairs contains a small studio and the access to the mansard.

Beyond its functional organization, the building is defined by its structure. A system of concrete beams and joints, cantilevered perpendicular to the ground connect the interior with the landscape and offer sustainable solution to control the introduction of natural light to the interior. The existing vegetation climbs on the created platform. The walls of the house are made from local stone, a single structure decision repeated through the entire house creates the spatial aspects of the project and materiality of the building.

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bostjan, February 17th, 2021
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