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Tuteur House

Berlin, Germany
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The Tuteur Haus belongs to one of four remaining department stores in the Leipziger Strasse in Berlin, a vivid shopping street before WWII. Although known mostly for his revered residential villas, Hermann Muthesius completely redesigned the Tuteur Haus, which had been originally built by C.S. Schwenke in 1867, from 1912 to 1913 for the famous fashion house Kersten and Tuteur. Muthesius sought to execute classicism built on "Sachlikeit" - simplicity and sincerity, insisting on universality and eternal standards, but without imitation. The Tuteur Haus building exudes handsome elegance and clear consciousness of form fulfilling functionality, comfort and health given its sensible configuration, natural layout, air and light. Its three large corner display windows were a design that had never been seen before. The restoration of Tuteur Haus preserves Muthesius' leadership in architectural thought and the overall Community of the Arts.

The building was restorated in 2002 by architecs PAtzke & PArtners, a specialist in restoration of traditional architecture.

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krazin, March 28th, 2011
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