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Trieste Police Station

Trieste, Italy
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Entrance of Questura of Trieste

A look at one of the most discussed rational project in Trieste. This building was originally a Casa del Fascio on 1938. It becomes after the II world war the quarter of Allied Military Government at today is the Headquarter of the Police in Trieste called also as Questura of Trieste. At the design stage, several projects were presented by great architects such as Umberto Nordio, Leonardo Bucci, Giuseppe Pagano and the not really famous team Battigelli and Spanglero.

The competition

The best project made by Giuseppe Pagano was a building inspired on Le Corbusier architectural philosophy, really modern and innovative for this historical period. Unfortunately this project was rejected by Benito Mussolini, since he believe in a different expression of architecture, especially for a border city. (At the time, all important projects were supervised by the 'order of the fascism architects' and in important cases directly by B. Mussolini).

The winning project, maybe the worst one, become the one from the team Battigelli and Spanglero.As we can see today, the project is a massive building inspired by a castle concept with four defensive towers on the corner. This project is might be an emblematic study case on the fascist period, since the expression of power was more important than the quality and values of the other projects.

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thedani, January 23rd, 2017
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