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Palazzina Girasole

Rome, Italy
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During the 1950's, Moretti wrote a series of articles about structure, space and form for the magazine Spazio. These articles reveal an architect preoccupied with "organic" building forms and ideas. It is likely this interest that results in the reoccurring theme of curving or irregular forms juxtaposed upon planer, regular forms that dominates Moretti's work. This theme is most obvious in the designs for three apartment buildings built between 1949 and 1962 in Rome: Astrea, Palazzina Girasole, and Casa San Maurizio. The best of the three is Palazzina Girasole, the sunflower. The name derived from the plan organization and the petal-like extensions which open-sunflower-like-to one side of the building. Two large apartments per floor, spread outward from an interior courtyard and circulation zone. The street facade is singularly remarkable as an abstract surface turned, like a sunflower, to face the south sun.

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fabiobalducci, April 15th, 2016
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