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The Old Alchemika Factory

Barcelona, Spain
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The Alchemika plastics factory, located in the Camp de l`Arpa neighborhood, occupied part of the old Costa Font industrial complex. The complex, which covered tho whole city blocks, was designed between 1948 and 1950 by Francesc Mitjans. The current planning included a provision for its conversion into public facilities and ordered the preservation of its facade. this intervention rounds out the process of converting one of the city blocks, through the insertion of a varied social program: Library, Nursery, Community Center, and Residence Home and Day Center. The predefined envelope implied a condition factor that had to be incorporated from the outset through a process of adaptation involving a complex program. the exposed brick facade with a stone plinth and the large evenly spaced vertical windows were a preexisting condition which the design sought to incorporate through the construction of interior spaces that would be coherent with its scale and its character. Ventilation and natural lighting are achieved for the entire program through a system if courtyards and double height spaces.

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daniele, June 21st, 2017
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