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Niemeyer Centre

Aviles, Spain
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The Niemeyer Centre is a cultural arts centre, designed by its namesake Oscar Niemeyer, located in the small, Spanish town, Aviles.

The site for the complex is located next to a river bank, that eventually opens out into the Cantabrian Sea. The centre is a beacon within the quaint vernacular that populates the Spanish seaside town.

The complex is divided into four units, including a concert hall, an exhibition hall, an observation tower and a multi-purpose building. The lage concert hall has a 1000 seat capacity to enable theatre, conferences and performances. A key feature being that there is no distinction between social classes. It could be argued that Niemeyer designed it this way in recognition of his well-known, leftist political views. The concert hall also includes The Club (a smaller space for concerts) and an exhibition room in the foyer.

The dome is an exhibition building. The tower, a prominent feature to the complex, is a sight-seeing tower, restaurant and cocktail lounge. Whilst the multi-purpose building houses a film centre, meeting-rooms, cafe, shop and information point. Tying all these elements together is vast, white concrete, punctuated by pop colours of red and yellow. Again, a stark contrast to the surrounding town. The form of all these buildings are in Niemeyer's characteristic curves formed with concrete.

Shortly after the centre was officially opened in July 2011, it was forced to close due discrepancies over internal spending and finance issues.

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aleeshacallahan, September 27th, 2013
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