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Sala Beckett

Barcelona, Spain
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The Catalan office of Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats has refurbished and enlarged the building of the Peace and Justice Workers' Cooperative, in Barcelona's Poblenou neighborhood. It was in disuse, and now is home to the Sala Beckett dramaturgy center. The intervention preserves the spatial features of the original construction - adding floors to address the needs of the new program - as well as preexisting decorative elements, such as the wooden frames, the pavements of hydraulic mosaic, the stained glass windows, the cornices, and the rose windows. The result is a superposing and meeting of elements of different periods, a coexistence of old and new. A large foyer connects the three levels, where there are classrooms for training playwrights and halls for theater performances.

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daniele, June 21st, 2017
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