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Granada Box

Granada, Spain
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Hisao Suzuki, Fernando Alda, Duccio Malagamba, Alberto Piovano, Roland Halbe

A building from Alberto Campo Baeza it is a large cube is built on top of a podium flanked by two courtyards. In this podium, parking lots, files and Data Processing Center are solved. In the cube, around the central courtyard, the offices are organized on seven floors. The cube is built with a reinforced concrete frame of 3 x 3 x 3 m that on the roof serves as a mechanism to collect light, the central theme of this building. The two facades to the south work as a "brise-soleil" and illuminate, tinting that powerful light, the open office areas. The two facades to the north, serving the individual offices, receive the homogeneous and continuous light of that orientation and are closed to the outside, by means of a plementeria of stone and glass.

Impluvium Of Light

The inner central courtyard, a true "impluvium of light", collects the solid sunlight through the skylights and, reflecting it in the alabaster walls of the diedr open to the south, increases the lighting of the offices open to the diedral facing north. The roof is supported by four large columns of exposed concrete. Functionally, the building is of great compactness, flexibility and simplicity. In short, it is a box of concrete and stone that traps sunlight inside to serve the functions that are developed within that "impluvium of light".

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bostjan, November 22nd, 2023
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