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House of Infinity

Cadiz, Spain
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Photo © Javier Callejas

In a wonderful place that is like a piece of earthly paradise, in Cadiz, Campo Baeza erect an infinite plane in front of the infinite sea, the most radical house they have ever made. At the very edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where the sea unites the new and the old continent, a stone platform emerges. In the place where all the ships that come from the Mediterranean to abound in the Atlantic crossed and crossed.

Horizontal Plane

There he has built a house as if it were a pier facing the sea. A house that is a podium crowned by an upper horizontal plane. On that resounding, clear and naked horizontal plane, we stand in front of the distant horizon that traces the sea where the sun sets. A high horizontal plane, built of stone, in Roman travertine, as if it were sand, an infinite plane in front of the infinite sea. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Roman Influence

To materialize this elevated horizontal plane, which is the main room of the house, he built a large box of 20 meters in front and 36 meters deep. And under the first 12 meters we excavated two floors in the solid capable of stone to develop the entire housing program. The Romans were there a handful of centuries ago. Bologna, the ruins of the Roman fishing factories where they made elgarum and built some temples to their gods, is just around the corner. In his honour he has built the house, like an acropolis in stone, in Roman travertine.

In order for that platform to have more strength, he incorporate all the land up to the entrance wall that separates us from the street, also in Roman travertine. The entrance to the house, crossed this wall, will be made "in a trench" by some stairs dug into the plane of the platform. On the naked stone platform, three walls guard our backs and sides protecting us from the strong wind that dominates there. Sometimes it seems that someone there opened the odre of the winds of Aeolus. The same winds that pushed Ulysses' boat in his nose.


On the edge of the powerful podium the scene takes place. There, as Mies did so many times, he has turned the plane into a line. And to Adalberto Libera, because that's what he did when he built the Malaparte House in Capri.

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bostjan, November 24th, 2023
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