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The Museum of the 20th Century Art and Its Urban Integration

Berlin, Germany
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A museum of the 20th Century should translate, in content as in form, the collective will of a turbulent time with an incredible disparity of things: from world wars, to nuclear tensions and new geo-political arrangements; from social emancipations, to cultural liberations and reactionary movements; from Architecture as forms of political power, to politics experienced and represented through Architecture and Art. This proposal aims to be a gesture of polar opposition between the Neue National Gallerie, the masterpiece designed by Mies van der Rohe, and the New Museum. When the former goes up emerging as a minimalist abstraction, the latter goes down submerging as a soft, tender and ecologically active landscape veil. When the concealing emptiness of the first creates in the beholder the noble spectacle of awe, the revealing emptiness of the second involves us all in the generous act of dwelling through the democratic form of a public park. Instead of being a simple rood garden, the park, the landscape works as a veil with public use and welcomes both residents and visitors alike. The park also protects the museum beneath, supported by a wide architectural skeleton that unfolds over three interconnected underground floors.

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bostjan, June 20th, 2016
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