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Museum of Future and the Past

Cologne, Germany
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Fust Museum

The idea of the involvement of the butterfly effect (derived from the chaos theory), is a free will that Nietzsche explained (intoxication of the strong will), that gives a major impact of the future architecture. Compiling a system, a complex one that us as architects push us more into designing something that can be distinguished from the architecture of the present and the past. This is where the museum takes it's part. The museum servers only as a tool for the main idea, it's designed in a not specific pathway that the visitor needs to follow, rather they choose they're own path which gives an different ending to the museum. The other location of some perspectives of the modified museum are a base example of the effect, if we were allowed to construct such structure in the middle of the Rhine river, we wouldn't have this type of location. My conclusion is for the future architecture, to be designed in a way that the user will have a unique perception of the architecture.

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benartshala1, January 19th, 2019
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