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The Invisible Blanket

New York City, United States of America
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New York City is a place to see and be seen. The average pedestrian in downtown manhattan is recorded by 78 cameras per minute. The surface of rooftops have become an escape from busy street life; up in the sky people congregate to be elevated above ordinary surveillance. Paradoxically this space is particularly exposed- especially mid-level rooftops in the city are overlooked by other buildings and perfectly visible on satellite images.

The invisible blanket is a simple device creating a protected zone on a downtown manhattan roof. Made out of emergency blankets used to retain heat for outdoor adventurers, it creates an infinitely thin and virtually invisible surface, appearing just like another silver rooftop from the sky. The blanket reflects the sky while keeping the visitors hidden underneath, defining a public yet domestic space filled with bubbles and inflatables. Visitors under the canopy are hidden, yet they can see the city through the golden underside filter of the surface.

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bostjan, November 24th, 2017
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