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A Seat at the Table

San Francisco, United States of America
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A Seat at the Table. Image: Urban Works Agency.

At a moment when people feel increasingly disconnected from governments and corporations at the top, this project asks: Who has access to power, and how might we shift existing paradigms of governance? How might tools for power-sharing be informed by the very spaces and media shared by the public?

A Seat at the Table is an installation installed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco in the Bay Area Now triennial (2018-2019). The piece presents two design research projects on decision-making over two realms, the domestic household and the city. One project, called Domestic Affairs, presents illustrations and speculative designs for communes and collective living arrangements. The other, called Win Win, presents board games, alongside collected pieces and videos, that play out alternate climate change scenarios. The two projects were presented on a series of tables recreated from politically influential moments and sites: the Paris Peace Accords, the United Nations Security Council, the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, and Gabriel Orozco's Ping Pong Table.

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urbanworksagency, February 11th, 2019
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