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The Homewood

Esher, United Kingdom
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A great piece of pure interwar modernist architecture, rare for UK and probably one of the best in the country. Patric Gwynne who designed the house for himself and his family just before the II WW, then in his 20's was completely unexperienced architect without any significant portfolio. Nonetheless, The Homewood is one of his greatest achievements and helped him to gain international acclaim and later became his home, office and real showcase piece for all future clients.

The house in overall takes inspiration from the best modernist masterpieces of 1920's including Corbusian Villa Savoie which brought to The Homewood long strip windows as well as pilotis which creates the main entrance. As for interiors The Homewood has impressive spiral stairway toped with eclectic late Victorian chandelier which corresponds amazingly well with puristic glassbricks, white walls and abstract mural (another Corbusian inspiration). Finally besides a set of private bedrooms and different kind of utility rooms there is magnificent living room with a set of three enormous sash windows that provides extended view on the garden. The living room brings to mind the best ideas of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavillion with a free floor plan and marble particions walls. Together with an early Eames chairs (probably the first piece of those in Europe) and other post war modernist furnitures of Gwynne's own desing The Homewood is a true peril of UK modernist architecture.

The Homewood is currently owned and managed by National Trust organization and thus partly open for visitors.

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ibex73, December 27th, 2017
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