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Casa Sulla Morella

Castelnovo Sotto Re, Italy
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When you live in a block of flats you don't get to choose the architecture of the building because it's already there. The same thing happens when you buy a house already built by somebody else. But you get to choose the exact architecture you want to apply when building your own house. And at that moment you can choose either a traditional architecture or a modern one or whatever you might like. The Italian architect Andrea Oliva offers you some great ideas about the modern Italian architecture design.

He belongs to Citaarchitettura Studio and his style can be described as modern and minimalist. That means that the house he designs is with a very simple shape on the outside and very few adornments. The grey cube is located inside a white rectangular shape and even the roof of the building is flat.The windows can be small or really wide, depending on the taste and even the inside of the house is minimalist, meaning few pieces of furniture. The colours vary very little, as you can only find shades of white and grey, but the overall effect is that of space and comfort.

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bostjan, August 6th, 2014
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