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The Building of the Institute of Agricultural Design

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The former building of the Institute of Agricultural Design, built in the mid-1960s on the plot between Gedimino and V. Putvinskio streets, is a typical example of Soviet modernist architecture. The building consists of three volumes. The longest one is on Gediminas street, the shorter one is on V. Putvinskio street. The two are connected by a short narrow part. The architecture of the building has many features of international modernism - an undecorated facade, asymmetrical, irregular composition, the rhythm of the wide window bands, simple rectangular shapes of the volumes, and flat roofs. Also, the main entrance of the building is highlighted by a canopy of a simple shape - a characteristic feature of the buildings of that era. The architecture of the building is enhanced by the two-colored plaster. Despite its large volume and scale, the former this building harmoniously complements this part of the city, where a significant number of modernist buildings from the Interwar period are concentrated.

The appearance of the building has not changed much, it now houses various institutions that rent premises here.

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