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“Metropolitan” Theatre / Theater of the Young Spectator

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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023

The reconstruction of the Young Spectator's Theatre (the theatre was installed on the site of the "Metropolitan" movie theatre that was built here in 1928) is one of the most unique objects in Kaunas of the "socialist realism" of the Stalin era. The task was formed by the Board of the Chief Architect of the City of Kaunas and approved in 1950.

The uniqueness of this building was given by the sculptures (by Romanas Kazlauskas) visible on the front facade of the building, facing Laisve avenue side. Such a look, unlike the architecture of the early socialist period, is characterized to be laconic and expressive.

However, during the creation of this building, which reflects the early Soviet era, the unique architectural structure formed in the interwar period was lost. The stylish art deco facade of the former cinema and the original arcade were destroyed. Nonetheless, after the restoration of independence, the reconstruction of the drama theatre from 2005 to 2017 did include some restoration of the lost "Metropolitan" look: A column in the lobby of the big stage, art deco hanging lights, plasterwork, bronze hall lamps and ventilation grills in the hall parterre.

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