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Policlinic of Stomatology

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Huriye Armağan Doğan

When the building on Vytauto 14 was first built in 1982, it was appreciated due to its flexible and expressive composition. The building reflects the search for a new expression, which aptly illustrates the spirit of the era. The entire body of the structure is dominated by its utilitarian mass. The highlight of the building is its blank facades, which are in the form of curves on top of the lobby. The facade is covered with a specific coarse terracotta plaster. There is no doubt that in the conditions of universal poverty, the slightly more expressive facade wall was one of the most natural and simplest forms of aesthetic expression. However, it is worth noting that these solutions can be seen to have a certain similarity with the curved corners of the buildings in Kaunas, which was one of the characteristics of Kaunas modernism. After regarding independence, the building with a specific function soon lost its meaning and was eventually abandoned and used fragmentarily. However, the building was restored in 2022, and nowadays, it is waiting for its new users.

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