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Porto, Portugal
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On the date of the 20th anniversary of the classification of the Historic Center of Porto as a Unesco World Heritage Site, FAHR 021.3 presents a new public space essay called Eclipse. An object that faces the surroundings in an attitude of rupture and daring, a sphere with 6m diameter that invades the public space and gives it a new centrality. A confrontation of scales and relationships, a game of perception and provocation in the city. An invitation to usufruct and disruption.

Eclipse is also the result of a set of parallel dynamics, sound and light, a collective reflection on the occupation of the city. As part of the Alumia project - In light of heritage, Eclipse works as a huge light diffuser. At night, this body is illuminated by a single point of light, which, like an eclipse, leaves part of the piece in the gloom. The piece was the subject of a sound performance by Joao Bento Soares, in 9 acts, that relates its strangeness to material sounds and makes its relation with the surroundings even more disruptive. An essay of contrasts between the wide and the built, the public space and the citizen, of Eclipse, the importance of a heterogeneous experience decoded about any space that the city claims.

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sonjadragovic, October 22nd, 2019
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