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Village Square Zweinitz

Zweinitz, Austria
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Village Square Zweinitz / S&P architects

The village square was to be redesigned in order to revitalize the centre of the municipality. In order to obtain public acceptance the residents were involved in the planning process from an early stage on and the redesign was developed cooperatively. The overall objective was to create a contemporary place which subtly emphasises the rural atmosphere yet without being historicizing.

Existing elements of the village square were removed and the area required for an extension was granted by the municipality. Asphalt and 'Wiener Wurfel' were used as surface materials while all multifunctional street furniture was made from glued spruce wood. Today contemporary benches, brims around the treesand a bus stop - all made from wood - characterize the square. All elements can be used in multiple ways, as for instance parking spaces can become a sports field for basketball, hockey or rollerblading.

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sohnepartner, June 23rd, 2014
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