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St Martis Primary School

Barcelona, Spain
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St Marti's Primary School forms part of a Multi-facility Municipal Building with an Adult Education Centre and a two-story underground public car-park, in the neighborhood of Poblenou in Barcelona The car park's structural grid outlines the buildings above.

The aims are to create an airy and spacious school, open and sensitive to the surroundings whit the predominantly urban Cerda's scheme, the dimension of the plot, the rigid urban planning rules, and the unmodifiable underground position of the car-park. The bulk program of the school is located on the ground floor and all the grooves become school's playgrounds. The proposal alternates with equal importance the voids and constructed areas. Consequently, better use of natural light, ventilation, and views over the inner school spaces are made possible.

The construction of two basement floors, dedicated to a public underground car park, allow to think of the school as a very big roof and rethink this as the playground areas of the school. Taking this decision generates a variety of outdoor spaces, such as patios on street level, porches (transition spaces) connected to these courtyards, vast open spaces on the first floor and a space for urban allotments on the top terrace of the main building. All these outdoor spaces organize the indoor spaces according to the visual and physical relationship with them. Together with this sequence of outdoor spaces, the materiality of facades, built differently depending on their situation, the courtyard facades and street facing facades, create the external image of the School.

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daniele, June 16th, 2017
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