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Slow Horse

Piancavallo, Italy
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The project tries to bring in a new aura, in a town developed in the seventies for mere lucrative purposes. A place that gives its best when snow covers the eyesores of architecture arrogance. Just like a child, the building will play with snow, compacting and piling it in specific places, pre-defined by the shape of roof and facades: ice will be part of the game and stalactites the ornament of the building. The partial demolition of the original building allowed to use the ground floor as an entrance, with all those functions connected with governance and services of the hotel. The rest of the building bridges the old part; on top of a concrete platform, suspended just enough from the old structure, it has been designed to evoke the aura of old mountain structures but it is indeed the result of quite a sophisticated technological and structural thinking.

The shape of the roof, its capability of keeping and releasing water, snow and ice, the orientation of the rooms according to the sun position and to the views and the progressive changing of the facades, due to time and weather, were the elements on which we put our effort in order to be able to define, in the best possible way, a layout for the functions in the interior of the hotel.

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daniele, June 6th, 2017
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