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Siza Pavilion, Raketenstation Hombroich

Neuss, Germany
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This brick Pavilion designed by Alvaro Siza and bavarian architect Rudolf Finsterwalder is perhaps one of the most fitting architecture in Raketenstation Hombroich.

The constructions started in 1995, when Finsterwalder was an associate in the office of Siza in Porto. After a while it stopped and restarted in 2006 and finally completed in 2008.

The collaboration of the two architects was effective. Finsterwalder's office was responsible for the planning of the building and he also supervised the constructions. Siza was also often on the site and both met each other several times during the construction process.

The main material used was the same brick as Heerich chosed to his pavilions at Museum Insel Hombroich and Raketenstation Hombroich. The architectural details and some elements were taken from Heerich design, but in this case we have a clear geometry and a strong relation with the landscape. The building can be devided into two main parts. One is the U-shaped volume with exhibition spaces, the other is used for accomodation and also for a photography archive.

A white stone portal greets the visitors entering to the U-shaped building. To see the landscape again you have to turn twice, which is one of Siza's famous design instrument.

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  1. The Architectural Review
lacuna, December 7th, 2018
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