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Gnadinger Residence

Berlin, Germany
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This private residence, including the architect's own office, is located in Berlin's famous garden suburb of Wannsee, close to the lakes and streams of the Havel River.

The basic idea was to create a modern style villa, integrating two separate uses within one tight building space on a fairly long and narrow lot. Oak framed windows are flush with a two storey solid masonry structure with a dark red brick finish, an expression of proven durability - and timeless modernity.

Parallel to the quiet residential road, a partially recessed blue wall generates an sculptural and colourful focus on the building's central entrance, at this entrance two adjacent doors provide separate access to the office and to the residence. This recess is the only concave element of this architectural composition. The recessed part of the entrance is well contrasted with a generously large shop - window, announcing the office. A long concrete pathway, the 'catwalk' leads to the garage.

Due to the close residential neighborhood, all openings of this cubic building are carved with a well proportioned balance of transparency and enclosure. In the residential part, the ground floor consists of a small entrance hall, a kitchen, a dining area with grand piano and a living area with an open fire place these form one free flowing space, which opens out to garden terraces at both opposing ends of the building. Huge sliding windows provide a maximum of light and views.

Sleeping and bathing facilities for parents and children are on the upper floor.

The three storey office space takes advantage of the basement, with a large horizontal window, providing adequate daylight. All three levels are also openly connected with single continuous staircases.

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  1. Courtesy of Gnädinger Architekten
lacuna, December 15th, 2011
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