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Berlin, Germany
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The two single-storey 145 m2 bungalows by Sep Ruf are reminiscent of traditional house forms. With their free-standing construction in brick masonry, their wide roof overhang and the covering of the interior ceilings with wooden slats, they differ from the atrium construction method. Due to the L-shaped floor plan, the large living space gains the opening to the south in the garden courtyard, which is protected on its eastern side by a wall from the public footpath (former Lessingstrasse). The bungalows are consistently facing away from the street and oriented to the garden side: room-high windows of the rooms to the garden create light and air, while the houses to the (western) street side seem largely closed. The gap between the two houses is also shielded by a wall; on the southern boundary of the property the two garages block the view into the garden.

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bostjan, November 27th, 2019
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