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Museum Insel Hombroich, Turm

Neuss, Germany
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Turm Pavilion

Turm is one of ten walk-in sculptural buildings that make up the Museum Insel Hombroich Museum which is embedded in a park and water-meadows along the river Erft. The landscape has been intelligently and sensitively reshaped, with the buildings dotted throughout this as autonomous works of art. The idea of "Art parallel to Nature" (citing Paul Cezanne) is given expression in this museum, founded by collector, patron, and benefactor Karl-Heinrich Muller in 1987.

In the sculptural pavilions housing the extensive collection works of art from two millennia a diversity of cultures come together. This far-ranging assemblage extends from Classical Antiquity and ethnic ritual objects by way of Modernism to contemporary art.

This artistically conceived museum renounces labelling and didactic information. The visitor is invited to rely on his own perception and capacity for evaluation. Similarly, on the paths through the park there are no signposts or information about the plants there.

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  1. Stiftung Insel Hombroich
aleeshacallahan, December 7th, 2018
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