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Showroom H

Nigata, Japan
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This is the building for a showroom exhibiting small agricultural equipments.

"I tried to create a place similar to natural environment in an artificial way. People are invited to go deep into the continuity without whole view, where they can find different spread of things in every minute.

This architecture is made by a very simple operation arranging a 5m grid of concrete walls, slicing them diagonally.

However, these diagonal openings create completely different order from "horizontal and vertical". In a sense, each inclined line contains infinite degree in between "open" and "close", so that we can feel complex effects of 3-dimentional combination of these lines, which remind us some kinds of natural environments as forest.

I intended to make a continuous space, using the way as clear as possible, where one can feel diverse distances, and a space close to human body with 3-dimentional dynamism."

Akihisa Hirata

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  1. Akihisa Hirata
lacuna, September 28th, 2012
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