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Tower House

Tokyo, Japan
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The tower house designed by Takamitsu Azuma was built in 1966 on a small plot of Tokyo with an area of 20 square meters. The house develops vertically around the stairs in six levels to provide 65 square meters of living space and from the moment of its creation was seen as a symbol of modern life in the center of the metropolis. When Takamitsu Azuma moved from Osaka to Tokyo in 1966, he built this house for his family. Designed as a continuous vertical room, the staircase appears as the most significant structure inside the house and connects the individual rooms, which are "stacked" on top of each other without any doors. The triangular plot is located directly on the street, opposite the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art Mario Botta. A small public passage is also used as parking. Once completed, the tower of reinforced concrete appeared as the skyscraper. Today the house has been relativized by its neighbors, and can make the mistake of associating with numerous "miniature house" currently being built in Tokyo.

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bostjan, October 10th, 2016
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